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C-Forum - February 7, 2014
Host: Jordan School District
Organizer: Nancy Lagerberg,

Auxiliary Services Building-Auditorium
7905 S. Redwood Rd
West Jordan

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8:30 Breakfast treats - Find Someone Who Game
9:00 Welcome and housekeeping
9:15 iPad Configurator Update - David Johansen - Riverdance as well. (David is working on his Masters on Irish Dance.) (David also in Title 1)
10:00 Edmodo and How Jordan is using Edmodo in Title One Schools - Ardy Vallett - Lisa Robinson
(Our guest speaker, Jann is snowed in at the Dallas Airport. She is very willing to try again another time)
11:00 Mastery Connect - Christie Jennings -
12:00 Lunch from Joe Morley’s BBQ - Way Good - Pulled Pork Sandwiches, coleslaw, beans, ice cream mud pie with hot fudge sauce.
1:00 Updates UEN, USOE, SAGE, and UCET

UEN Advisory Counsel - Clint Stevens -

Clint Stephens represents CForum on the UEN Advisory Counsel - The council prioritizes UEN's resources to try to provide the resources everyone needs.

UEN - Justin Brooksby -

  • The Teaching Channel - They will be monitoring for activity. Since they have a limited number of licenses they will ask inactive people to release their license so they can give it someone else.


Tricia Jackson

  • Persons who have sent in proposals should know if there proposal has been accepted within 2 weeks
  • Grid for the program will be available in March
  • 4 or 5 people have decided to run for the board.
  • Not many applications for awards.
  • Pam Turley is Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Registration this year allows for 1st day or 2nd day or both days.

Sage -

Julie Quinn in Absentia - Sage works on Chromebooks but not yet on Mac iOS Maverick. Although USOE sent out an update last weekend hoping that would help.
UTIPs - Old UTIPs available till June 30, 2014 - UTIPs Core available till June 30, 2015.

Rick Gaisford -

27 Readers, 9 grants, they spent 231 grant proposals - $60,000.00 available. 27 grants were selected

1. CenturyLink 2013
a. Thank you
b. 27 readers
c. 231 grants
d. 27 selected
e. $60,000 available, allocated $59,999
f. 8 districts (Alpine, Canyons, Davis, Granite, Jordan, Salt Lake, Washington, Weber), USDB and 2 charters

2. 2014 Utah Legislative Session
State Board of Education Priority #2 for One-Time Funding: $50 million for 1:1 technology
Grants for Digital Textbooks

Math Literacy - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Initiative

Stephenson, H.
Speaker Lockhart / Rep. Gibson - $200-$300 million for modernization of education
To keep up with education bills at the legislature:
3. myOn Books trial in the Pioneer Library
- includes the Capstone Digital Library (typical books found in the library, not textbooks. Best for elementary and middle school students)
- trial extended to 3-15-2014
- pricing option will be available soon
- looking for schools/districts interested in a 2-3 month pilot of the full MyOn Reader program

4. e-Rate and ConnectED Updates
a. President has set the goal of, within five years, connecting 99 percent of America’s students to digital learning opportunities through high-speed broadband in their schools and libraries
b. One, to focus on the priorities of the 21st century: high-speed connectivity to every school and library and throughout those institutions.
c. Two, to update how we manage the program to make it easier and more productive for schools and libraries.
d. Three, ensuring sufficient resources are made available to meet our modernization goals, starting with a $2 billion down payment on the expansion of high-speed
connections over the next two years, while still meeting expectations set by the 2014 program rules.
e. A little known fact about today’s E-Rate program is that only about half of the program’s funds go for broadband connectivity.
Less than half goes for the kind of 100 mbps and higher speeds necessary for today’s learning environment.
From Sabrina Scott:
In case you haven’t received this by some other means, the White House issued this fact sheet hinting at where the additional $2B for E-rate funding of school broadband connectivity may come from as well as $750M from the private sector in software discounts or “free” wireless services to low income students. Gifts are apparently OK when facilitated by the FCC. J

There is a lot of activity surrounding USF as a whole right now. In fact, the Technology Transitions docket (Connect America) that we provided comment on last year has matured further and expanded. The FCC announced this week, in granting an AT&T petition, a renewed and more enlightened call for service based experiments from a much broader set of participants, including state commissions and other government entities. The released Order and FNPRM is lengthy but I continue to believe that UEN may have a useful role to play in our state, in either helping to define or perhaps facilitating these experiments among our partners. Here’s the link to the FCC announcement and order.

TECHNOLOGY TRANSITIONS; AT&T PETITION TO LAUNCH A PROCEEDING CONCERNING THE TDM-TO-IP TRANSITION; CONNECT AMERICA FUND; STRUCTURE AND PRACTICES OF THE VIDEO RELAY SERVICE PROGRAM; TELECOMMUNICATIONS RELAY SERVICES, ET AL. Authorized voluntary experiments to measure impact on customers of technology transitions in communications networks. (Dkt No. 13-97 10-90 12-353 13-5 10-51 03-123 ). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 01/30/2014 by ORDER. (FCC No. 14-5). WCB

5. Microsoft Innovative Educator Program
A fantastic training opportunity awaits you! We, at Microsoft, are excited to offer a two-day program designed for teacher trainers!
The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) program provides selected educational trainers the opportunity to deepen and expand their
skills on integrating technology to positively impact teaching and learning.
MIE participants will leave the two-day workshop with tools and training materials that support engaging, hands-on professional development.
Walk away with valuable resources and the ability to train others!
Please share this invitation with interested staff members! A complete MIE training overview is attached.
This free, hands-on, two-day training will connect teacher trainers with other educational trainers and provide training tools to take with you after the training.
All MIE attendees will be eligible to continue your professional learning to become a MIE trainer and a MIE master trainer.

Who Attends the Teacher Professional Development Program?
The MIE seminar is designed for school district trainers who have responsibility for training educators on the integration of technology in the classroom.
Participants will be accepted through an application process.

Additional Training Benefits!

In addition to learning new hands-on, project-based, student-centered activities for K-12 classrooms, attendees will receive:
  • Access to professional development curriculum for use in your district
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator certificate and the ability to provide a certificate to teachers you train
  • Support from the Microsoft Innovative Educators community
  • Eligibility to continue the learning to become a MIE Trainer and MIE Master Trainer
  • Eligibility for continuing education or credit hours (will vary by state)

Upcoming Training Dates:
February 27-28: Salt Lake City, Utah
There is no charge for these workshops, however all attendees must go through the acceptance process.
Those accepted are responsible for travel and expenses and completing all commitments as a part of participating in this training.


Ardy Vallett -

1 - 1 iPads in place in our Title 1 schools in Jordan - Fun Scavenger Hunt -
  • Under which heading do you find how to Manage Members In Your Group? (Groups - Member Tap)
  • Where do you find the button to go back to Edmodo? (upper right)
  • List 3 topics under Features. (polls, assignments, moderate, posts, badges, gradebook, quizzes)
  • Under which heading can you find instructions to locate the parent code? (Group, members tab more then parent code)
    • Where is the parent code located on the student's page? (Bottom Left corner.)

(iPad deployment in Title 1 schools) Easier to create on your computer. Create the College on Shape Collage. Ardy's slide show was created on
The teachers had 3 different accounts for their student iPads.
Teachers could work with Edmodo or with Google Sites.
It took the teachers a long time to get going with Edmodo. Ardy had statements from the teachers about how much they like Edmodo now and how they are using it as a learning management system in their classrooms.
  • The teachers can differentiate for their students - such as when they are reading different books on their own grade level.
  • Kids vote for their daily lunch on the Poll.
  • Formative assessments after the math lesson.
  • Saves time copying and saves paper and ink.
  • Edmodo does not require email addresses for the students.
  • Jordan S.D. has purchased Logitech brand keyboards for the students. (put CForum in the subject line and email Ardy for info about where they got the keyboards) Logitech brand is what they settled on after network tests with the bluetooth. The bluetooth keyboards flooded their bands. It would not work. It overloaded one classroom with 30 iPads) 30 pin keyboard. $59.99 - bought through Troxell - Southern something computers for $46.00
Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.35.13 AM.png

Apple Configurator

David Johansen - -

C-Forum Keynote 2014

Updates to Apple Configurator - MDM - Mobile Device Managment - Purpose is to plug in all your devices, up to 60, and deploy apps, load codes, send paid apps enmasse. Local control over a group of iPads on a classroom scale.)
  • New button available is Organizational Info.
  • Allow devices to connect to other Macs. How do you get the movies off after the students create them? Now you download products made by Apple products, movies, photos directly to someone's Mac. (can work on someone's PC too)
  • Set up screen is now Language, WiFi, Done
  • Restrictions profile - better able to personalize the restrictions
  • Under General - allow removing of profile - NEVER
    • Airdrop - send photos etc to someone's device. Could open up cyber bullying or passing notes in class
    • iMessage can be hidden
    • Can turn off Siri
    • Can force limited ad tracking. The ad tracking sucks bandwidth. Does not block the ads, just the tracking.
    • Can now lock down things like mail and iCloud. (Modifying account settings)
    • Game Center, Find Friends, can now be blocked.
    • Airplay - you can tell your iPads to see only specific Mac (including Apple TV) or wifi address
    • Auto put in passwords for only THAT Apple TV. They won't know the password to use for their personally-owned device.
    • Air Print - You can put in IP addresses of specific printers. (Clint - Is anyone doing Cloud Printing with Chrome Books?) Guy Durrant say's "I'm trying to move away from the 'dead tree' program." )
  • Loading Details - better idea of when and where the process .
    • Common Error - "Completed with Error" - "Kid didn't turn in his work" - Can't verify that the task was completed.
      • ignore it
      • refresh the ones that errored out
  • Air Secure Test - For Sage - available in iTunes for free. You must turn on Guided Access. This requires a PIN code. Highschoolers can probably figure it out so not super secure. Apple Configurator can LOCK THE APP. Really fast if everything up to date already.
  • Create a back up in Configurator. Bluetooth hogs a lot of network time. The notification centers can all be turned off. Careful - if you load a new app then you need to go back to the notification center and turn off that new app.
  • Accessability under General:
    • 3D - iOS7 - Reduce motion - the extra background motion wastes battery.
    • Background App Refresh - can now be turned off.
    • Configurator will force it to iOS7 - or latest version - iPad I CANNOT got to iOS7
  • Licensed-based system rather than codes. (Server Based) Can revoke the licenses from missing iPads. MDM is not a great way to go if you want to give the teachers autonomy. A district person has no idea what the students need. Apple Configurator is great for teachers to administer the iPads. A hybrid of both systems would probably be best.
    • Configurator -
      • Manage Free Apps
      • Organization
      • Restrictions
    • MDM - Many companies such as Meraki, AirWatch, Casper, iBoss, LightSpeed.
      • New App Licenses - licensing would allow you to move apps around in schools and classrooms - The server administrator would have to manage.
      • Push General Policies

Mastery Connect

Christie Jennings -,

Dr. Benjamin Bloom, Bloom's Taxonomy - did lots of research on mastery learning and formative assessment. Learning is based on mastery of skills rather than how long it takes. Mastery Connect is a Configuration and Assessment solution.
  • Teachers can join for free and use some of their resources for free. (make student trackers, give assessments)
  • Their common core app has been the most downloaded common core app.
  • They also have a widget for school webpages.
  • They support grades K-12.
  • Looks "social networky".
  • They have a peer review filter.
  • They have resource P.I.N.s - similar to Pinterest
  • Question from Justin Brooksby about Sage vs. Mastery Connect - she will put Justin in contact with someone who can answer that question.
  • Standards are pre-loaded into the student tracker.
  • Curriculum maps - planning templates
  • Can grade the bubble sheets similar to Illuminate - with a document camera or camera on the laptop. Students can scan their own and see their progress.
  • There is a bubble sheet app from Mastery in the App Store. It becomes like a clicker device.
  • Mastery Scan - iPad camera so kids or teachers can scan their work with the iPad.
  • You can manually enter scores from other types of assessments.
  • Item analysis reports
  • Aggregates team data with other classrooms
  • The software can email parents or students with current data - it is interactive so that parents can understand.
  • They have integrated with Pierson's item bank.
  • They have Kahn Academy videos.

2014 Legislative session -

  • One time funding for 1 - 1 technology $50 million
  • Grant program - digital devices and digital textbooks
  • Math Literacy - STEM initiative
  • Student Technology Access - Stephenson, H. $50.00 Million - similar to the Smart School Program
  • Speaker Lockhart / Rep. Gibson - Looking for $200 - 300 mill for modernization of education
  • to keep up with education bills at the legislature
  • There are 2 bills out that address Professional Development for teachers.
    • allow a district with a proper plan to reduce the number of student days by 8 - so from 180 > 172 - this restores teacher development days
  • Myon Books - provides access to the Capstone library - link on the Pioneer Website - trial extended to March 15, 2014. UEN will be posting some pricing information. - There are no funds available from the state or UEN for this. It has been a very popular trial.
  • Training for Ed Tech people - 2/27 -2/28 - free - Microsoft Innovator Educator Program - Application -

Guy Durrant says, "Have you heard of the chubby probability theory? Fat Chance!"

Here is the link to the iPad mount that Kelly showed
Caddie Buddy