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Grandview Technology Center
1591 North Jordan Ave.
(Located on Grandview Hill in north Provo).
Please park on the south side of the smaller building to the east. Enter the south doors of that building.

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8:30 a.m. Breakfast
9:00 a.m. Welcome - Kim
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Kim Broadbent

9:05 a.m. Provo City School District Presentations:
  • STEM and the Provo Way Initiative - Megan Jenkins and Alison Fuller, 5th grades teachers at Westridge Elementary School (a STEM school) Their program will grow from 4th grade to 4th, 5th, 6th grades, 7th and 8th grades. They spend focus on tying STEM to careers. They started the program by going to other schools (Minnesota and Denver).
  • Teachers have 30 - 40 hours every summer to meet as teams. The teachers vertically collaborate. One challenge - At the beginning they felt that they needed to do a HUGE thing every day. It was exhausting. They are becoming better at using small projects and integrating language arts etc.
  • They look at grants, partnerships (US Syntheticis one partner), donations, free supplies, $$$. Each one of their kids has a touch screen Chromebook. The students are using Google Docs.

Video is about Maglev cars. (magnetic levitation) Provo High built the track for them. During and surrounding the MagLev cars experience they take detailed notes, labeled diagrams, detailed descriptions. At the end of the year they have a log of all their learning. The 5th grade classes work independently and collaboratively at their end of unit summary experiment.
  • One of the outcomes of this STEM school is that students learn to work collaboratively. This is a big help to the teachers. Many students started at a level 0 or 1 with familiarity with computers. This is a neighborhood school. Class size - 30 - 35. The school doesn't quite qualify for Title 1. District provided GMail addresses that the parents had to approve. They did have some sabotage by naughty students in the shared Google docs. Since that incident, it hasn't been a problem. They email the assessments to the students. They use Fluberoo to score the tests. A new independent learning system is in their future.
  • Students wipe down the Chrome Books, the students plug them in. The district chose ChromeBooks because they are so much easier to manage than iPads. They have made lots of progress towards paperless classrooms. KSL did a special report on STEM schools Full Report - and their effect on student futures in STEM careers. 3 of the top 15 schools are in UTAH. #12 Provo, #14 Ogden, #15 Salt Lake.

New Yorker Article - How Utah Became The Next Silicon Valley - Thank's Kelly Dumas.

  • Network Admin - Security & IT Manager - JP Pontias -
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JP Pontias
The IT department has made a concerted effort to become more "friendly". The IT dept. put out a
SURVEY to ask what the teachers what trainings they need, etc. IT department does trainings directly to small groups of teachers, 18 or so, in Excel and other softwares.
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Jonathan Smith
Wireless Connectivity
in Schools - Jonathan Smith, PCSD Tech Support - Network Engineer at Provo School District Jonathan Smith -

  • Wireless is one of the hardest mediums to troubleshoot and administer. The easiest way to explain how wireless works is, "It's Magic!" Johnathan created a nice flow chart. Can we insert his slideshow here. "Musical Chair." It is critical that the network is working for continued teaching and learning. Some problems they have are with interference. Airport changed the frequency of their doplar radar caused problems. Too many clients on one APs. Misconfigured settings on the APS. Apple TVs cause many issues. Our bodies absorb signal strength. He will check a classroom at night, the wireless is fine. He'll go during the day with 30 student bodies sucking up the signal strength, the wireless doesn't work.
  • Making it easier with a Segway They use a Segway to take a wireless survey. They drive around and record signal strengths and interference. They use RUCKUS for their wireless. They like it.
  • Dixon Middle School - They had problems with the wireless because ISchool insisted on exchanging all Dixon's current wireless with iSchool's. They had monumental problems until Provo District went in and changed the iSchool wireless to RUCKUS. They have a CISCO firewall and use iBoss filtering.

10:15 a.m. Tooele School District Presentation by -
  • Jim Langston - Thane St. Claire - Heidi Ross - Online Learning Coordinator - plus IT staff.
  • Dugway is building a Geo-thermal school.
  • Tooele district put on their own Techtoberfest on October 31st, 2014. Several different departments in their district and UEN collaborated to make it happen.
  • They have recently had their school board pass their own (BYOD) Please add the BYOD doc.
  • The German government gave a large grant for their dual immersion program - German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • The are in the process of revamping their website using Microsoft Sharepoint making it look a bit more app like. They like the idea of Share in Sharepoint.
  • They are doing a wireless revamp right now. They are looking for money with PTAs, partners, everyone.
  • Canvas in Tooele district - SB65 - Online Learning 9 - 12 grades - They purchased Tooele Canvas 6,800 licenses purchased for 7th - 12th grades. Departments using Canvas: CTE, English, World Languages. (World Languages loves the record button!) 132 courses, 645 sections. 6,883 enrolled students, 2,097 active students, 46 active teachers. They want to use Canvas for the Board, parents, etc.
  • Aggregator - help all the instructional tools talk together - Classflow -
    • Sends student device files or information to the interactive board in front.
    • Individualized for each student.
    • Teacher sees their progress and can decide if they move forward.
    • Classroom teacher ap allows them to move around the classroom and still interact.
    • Free and has an Enterprise piece - Web-based. Doesn't matter what smart device the student has because web-based. Also works with the last two iterations of Promethium Boards.
Brett McKay - Provo Early Learning Initiative

10:45 a.m. Nebo Presentation - Pam Turley and Jared Orton - Nebo District USED to hate Apple TVs but now they are working seamlessly.
  • AirServer/AirPlay
  • Nebo has an AP in each school. ($ about $600.00 per school) But if you have Ruckus it doesn't cost anything. It provides the Bonjour gateway between the IOS device and the access device through the wireless. Cuts down the amount of Network Traffic.
  • Airserver is a piece of software that you install on a PC or MAC. Nebo purchased AirServer licenses on a school wide basis. They created a gmail group so that when the principal or tech leader leaves the school, the air server licenses stay with the school rather than leaves with the employee with whose name it is attached. 019AIRSERVER@NEBO.EDU. If a teacher leaves or a computer is taken out of use, you can deactivate that license and use it somewhere else. (ONLY IOS Devices - can go on the screen. Chromebooks can't do it) This has been very easy for their teachers. (NEW - APP FOR ANDROID PHONE!!!) Only compatible with Android devices running 8.1.
  • Every single teacher has either an Apple TV or much cheaper a $10.00 license for Air Server. (3 or 4 Apple TVs in each secondary school)
  • You can make sure you have an onscreen PASSCODE so people can't get on computers where they shouldn't be. The PassCODE changes every 2 minutes. Once the student is on for the session, they stay on till they are done for the session.
  • AirPlay works with Apple TV too.
  • As many as 16 iPads or iPhones can be connected to the screen at one time. They can be either on landscape mode or portrait mode depending on space needs.
  • You can broadcast the sound as well.
  • Rogue Apple TVs were slowing down the wireless. The PC that is running AirServer has to be Hard Wired and the wireless turned off.
  • IT had to spend 1/2 day per school to make this run so well.

USOE - Rick Gaisford -
  • Thanks for signing up to read Century Link Grants. Rick could use more readers. We are doing BLIND reading this year. They may be able to allocate as much as $65 - $75 K. Century Link put some parameters in the grant that may have impacted how many people applied. They shut down applications at Jan. 2nd.
  • Legislative Side of Things - Several bills to which we may want to pay attention - they
  • Digital Teaching and learning Program - Failed - Draxler's bill
  • Rep Andre Digital Teaching grants, $10 Mil,
  • Sen Stephenson, still not numbered. May be released next week. Rick thinks Andre's bill (above) will be rolled into this one. $100 Mil. $90 Mil. for Schools, $10 Mil for UEN and infrastructure. Rick thinks it has a reasonable chance of passing for $50 Mil, only some ongoing funding, some one-time funding. This one is competing with other priorities like the WPU. Some of the WPU money could be used to buy technology. This bill is tied to student achievement, graduation, accountability, behavior which we are trying to avoid.
  • English Language Arts Instructional Tool - Moss and Stephanson, $1 Mil for a literacy tool for Lexile ratings.
  • Computer Science Initiative for Public Schools - $2.2 Mill - for computer science coding software programs
  • Rick says they(?) keep trying to mush things into our bill and or guys keep trying to push the extras away.
  • Osmond's Bill - if a school gets an F 3 years in a row they will become a charter school.
  • USOE Network is down today
  • The state board has to revamped this year. Will it be Governor-appointed? Will it be partisan? Non-partisan? Smaller than 15 members? It is quite a process to become a State Board member. It became an issue of free speech. The free speech was an issue last fall so the Judge invalidated the whole process and a new one has to be designed.

11:45 a.m. Lunch, Part 1

12:00 Gradecam - Jeremy Stevenson, Timpview High School teacher -

12:30 p.m. Lunch, Part 2
Provo had a big breech this month. They have started doing security training for employees, administrators, etc. Here are responses to her query about security.
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Security Poll
LMS Poll
Formative Assessment Poll
STEM Devices Poll

12:45 p.m. Nearpod District-Wide - Katie Dewey Hill, Canyons District - Contact Katie for help and support! She is THE NEARPOD Ambassador and loves her job!
  • Embeds in a Canvas course (Pay NearPod Homework for Premium Account to use in Canvas $120.00 per year) -
  • You have a record of their work for accountability.
  • Limit your answers to 4 or less.
  • You can take polls, draw, multiple choice questions.
  • Works on anything, Chromebooks, iPads, Laptops.

1:15 p.m. Updates
  • UEN -
    • Justin Brooksby - UEN Gale Reference Collection Webinars - 1 hour -
    • You can request a presentation -
    • They are putting all their in-person classes in a Canvas Format as blended learning, polls, homework. For instance, Theresa got the Canvas Excel content from Victoria Rasmussen Their goal is that anybody will be able to go into Canvas, download the whole course and teach it themselves. Perhaps put it in Canvas Commons.
  • UCET - Leslie Lewis
    • Please let us know how many UCET15 posters you have taken to distribute by clicking here to complete the survey. Please enter your district/association and the number of each poster design you have taken. Estimate if you're not sure. Please enter all you have taken at this C-Forum or last time. Thank you!
    • The Golden Spike and Dinosaur posters are here! Pick up copies in the back corner of the room. There are also still copies of the Salt Lake Skyline and Lake Powell posters.
    • The #techelevated pre-conference challenge is still underway. Vote for your favorite posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram by liking, retweeting, etc. Post your own photos too! Show us where you travel in Utah and how you and your teachers and students are elevating tech. More information:
    • Presenter Registration is open!
    • Attendee Registration is open! Click hereto register.
    • UCET award nominations are open!
    • Want to join the UCET board? Click here to complete the survey to be added to the UCET15 board elections ballot.
    • #utedchat - Wednesday Nights, 9:00 P.M. - Teachers talking and learning
  • UELMA -
    • Conference - March 20, 2015 - Ready, Set, Action! Larry H. Miller Megaplex at Jordan Commons. Keynotes are Nathan Hale, Shannon Hale and Kelly Milner Halls.
Tricia brought up SLOs. - Template - June 2014
SAGE Questions and/or Concerns -

2:00 p.m. STEM (Implementation, Planning and Problem-Solving) - Peter Rich, BYU - Peter Rich is thinking about doing some Robotics Classes over the summer for teachers to help them feel more comfortable with teaching engineering and technology. Peter Rich -
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  1. Function = Input- Output - Process
  2. If you use complementary subjects, it boosts the understanding of other topics. For instance, learning Spanish or Portuguese helps your understanding of English.
  3. We need to quit making assumptions.
  • We tend to focus only on Science and Math parts of STEM.
  • 7th & 8th graders at Centennial School in Provo had the opportunity to sign up for a coding class. 30 kids registered. 2 were girls. The 2 girls later dropped out.
  • OECD - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development - Pisa exams - Programme for International Student Assessment -
  • Kids always ask, "When am I ever going to use this in real life?" Making games is a place where you could use Pythagorean Theorem, functions, differential equations. Why do we study Science, History, Math, etc.? Becomes increasingly important how to master our technological world and these principles help us understand it.
  • What do we have to do to reach our goals by 2020? We have to predict where that is going to be and move to intersect it.
  • The UK revamped their computing core. They had a computing core. Ours consists of keyboarding and comp. 1.
  • Scope and sequence development
  • Engineering Design Process - This is not the visual he used but I was unable to find it.
  • They found that the student attitudes about math changed.
  • Math becomes less scary.
  • Math is kind of like ice cream. If you eat it too fast, you get a headache.
  • Code Avengers
  • Code Combat
  • Coursera
  • edx
  • Code in the Schools
  • Engineering_Process.gif
  • Blockly Games, Code. org,
    Spheros, Dash and Dot, Lego's Build to Success, Lego Mindstorms, Lego Tetrix, Scratch,
    Tynker, iPad apps, Alice, Kodu, LiveCode, MinecraftEdu, Raspberry Pii

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