Host: Washington School District
Contact: Tony Campbell,

Adobe Connect Remote Connection

Dixie Middle School Library Media Center
929 South 100 East, Saint George, Utah 84770

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UEN Announcements
Leading Schools Summit (July 18-20

Superintendent Larry Bergeson
4 Core Beliefs
  • Students
  • WCSD Team
  • Community Partners
  • Educational Partners
Various levels of PLCs like various levels of being able to play the piano.
"Whatever we expect people to do, we are willing to do."
More and more grandparents raising kids, more single parents, more single parents with two jobs, we need more mental health resources. Couselors at a ratio of 350/1.
Last year at Washington County there were 3 guns brought to school, IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! ONE WAS IN SECOND GRADE. WHAT do we do to get kids to earn a vocational degree at the same time they earn their high school their diploma. All students will graduate college, career and life ready.
Create a positive, focused, organizational culture that values the expertise in every employee by
  • utilizing research-based best practices.
  • Differentiating
  • Developing organizational structures which insure effectiveness.
  • Transparency and reciprocal feedback.
We will work collectively to support and encourage relationships by:
  • Fostering continual, open, communication with parents and students.
  • Developing mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses.
  • Being fiscally responsible and transparent to all stakeholders.
Anytime, anyplace, any pace.
We will sustain educational partnerships critical to the success of our students, schools and district by:
  • Ensure a seamless educational pathway to mee the needs of all students.
  • Utilizing the expertise and resources of universities
Learning Structures Educator Effectiveness Digital Teaching and Learning

Be more efficient and more effective

Cherie Stevenson - Education Evaluation DirectorLarry Bergeson - SuperintendentRobert Proffit - Tony Campbell - WCSD Tech Dept.Intergenerational Poverty and suicide are problems that devastate people and schools.

Sharing our Vision for Learning - Summary / Connections - Cody Plumhof and Steve Dunham

How can we communicate better with parents? Twitter, (Lexi Cunningham (@Lexi_SLCSchools ) Instagram, Facebook, LMS. Fill your good news bucket, so the bad news won't be the most memorable thing.

Don’t only post when we want money. Post when we show and share how the teachers are doing good in schools. #loveutahpubliceducation

We want our stakeholders to understand the difference between active screen time and passive screen time.

Thanks to Washington School District for Hosting

USBE Presentations/Discussions
  • DT&L – We have a request for 12.3 Mil – If we get that it will be double from before.
  • Digital Tech and Learning Amendments – Howard Stephenson sponsoring – We don't want any changes right now to interrupt things.
  • 1.9 Mil request for Canvas – presented by Scott Jones for schools. 38/41 schools are already using Canvas
  • We won't know on these until the final week of the session.
  • UEN's legislative request. Things that they can cut. 1.3 mil in Ongoing 1.4 mil in one time funds for growth. $ for Operations center. Equipment and circuits.
    • Utah Futures has requested 2 mil
    • Digital Teaching and learning grant program – new web page
    • Webinars by Nathan Auk next Monday and the next Monday
    • Wyoming will open their state conference in November to us (their version of UCET) we can participate or present. It will be in Evanston.
    • Need to 3 – 5 DTL leaders to participate in a panel. Possibility of having the mileage and the lodging covered. Talk to Todd Call.
    • Grant that LEAs can apply for. ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act. Must show how they are going to integrate technology effectively in the grant. Rick will be on the committee to help write if desired.
    • Century Link Grant Reading Friday February 16 at the Century Link Building in Salt Lake.
    • 2/22 is Digital Learning Day – Rick will be sending out packets – All day webinar #DLDay
    • Change to emedia – changing platforms – has been on equalla – no longer being supported. Will be using the OER commons program. We have a lot of licensed and OER content in there. We will be able to have both kinds available. Things like Phet, CK12, The Illustrated Mathematics, All in a single platform with a really nice interface. Roll out next school year.

UETN Presentations/Discussions - Email Justin's flyer to principal's. Top floor in the business building on the U of U campus. Site visit to the Lasande Center. Students will show what they do there. Free -

March no UCET cause CForum – April last Cforum of year

SEDC Presentations/Discussions -
  • Cybercorp Camp – May 11 & 12 – focused on students from all over the state, Murray District is participating, 4 three hour sessions, on higher level things, Call for presenters link on the agenda. Clint is asking for volunteers at UCET.
  • EdCamp – Crimson View Elementary
  • Secretaries Camp

UCET Presentations/Discussions - We are more than just a conference. We have #utedchat and a newsletter

John Couch on Friday Manouch Z. on Thursday

UELMA Presentations/Discussions

UELMA service project. Thanks to Chris Haught for emailing this to me.

Delta North Library concerns: from the principal

  • Shelves are made of particle board and the weight of the books are causing the shelf pegs to bend and tear out the adjustment holes. This promotes a safety hazard when the shelves fall.
  • Many of the shelves are too high for students to pull off books safely. If the shelves aren’t used the used shelves become overcrowded and books are damaged more quickly, (yes book weeding is in progress).
  • Shelving configuration makes it difficult see and monitor student activity in the book stacks and on computers while assisting student check-out station.
  • Use of rolling carts as book shelves
  • Desire to incorporate “Maker space” outside of traffic flow areas.

Annual Conference on March 9, 2018

Utah Cultural Celebration Center, 1355 West 3100 South, West Valley Cit

Theme is Future Ready Librarians

They are rolling out a new webpage at the conference.

Keynote Speakers – Shannon McClintock Miller and Craig Seasholes

Jean Reagan – local author – How to Babysit a Grandpa, How to Get Your Teacher Ready

Pam Turner – Crow Smarts, Samurai Rising

Erin Summerhill – Ever Hunted and Ever the Brave

$85.00 Registration includes lunch, the conference and your UELMA membership.

Notes by Leslie Lewis