Host: Utah Education Network
Contact: Justin Brooksby,
Thomas S. Monson Center
411 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Room: Gail Miller Town Hall

Adobe Connect Stream

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Continental Breakfast

Welcome and Introductions
Justin Brooksby
Mastery Paths
Leslie Stark PE Team - Instructure
Canvas K-6: Engaging Elementary
  • Button Making
  • Modules
  • Cool Tools
Paul Seevinck - Instructure
Mindy Hintze - Instructure
What's New in Canvas
Paul Seevinck - Instructure

Announcements (UEN, UCET, UELMA, USBE, UtahFutures, Tooele SD, Clint UETN Adv.)
Various Groups
Rotating Stations

Topics (Each will be 10-12 min, pick your favorites)

  • Google Cloud Assignments - assigning a Google Doc to students in Canvas - Jared Covili
  • Canvas Embeddable Media and Tools - Rob Bentley
  • New icons (video) and features in videos (closed captioning) - Mike Hakkarinen
  • Improving Canvas Discussions-Jared Fawson
  • Giving Great Feedback in Canvas - Dani Sloan
  • Organizing Canvas using Modules - Jami Gardner
  • Easier Navigation for younger students- Shannon Ririe
  • Gradebook Enhancements - Mindy Hintze
  • Having a Master course and keeping it updated/Blueprint - Paul Seevinck
UEN & Instructure


58 people in person. Several joining via Adobe Connect Stream.

Notes -

  • Mastery Paths - Leslie Stark - of Canvas Instructure -

    • Start with a problem - How to personalize the learning for hundreds of students?
    • Academic diversity - IEPs, reading level behind, reading level ahead, second language learners
    • feedback, immediate feedback (Talk to Jody about Leslie's resources)
    • Equality is not Equity
    • Quick pre-assessment - if they don't know the required - give them a content page, they learn it, then they take another assessment and move to the next path.
    • Real differentiation can occur in Mastery Paths - quizzes, assignments, content pages, projects, journals, scaffolded resources, etc.
    • This pre-test is a great tool for a bell-ringer.
    • You can assign specific assignments to specific paths.
    • Does not play well with pass back. (grading) (perhaps someone else can elucidate here?)
    • Concept Mapping

If you can't see - be sure to turn off your sound so we don't have feedback.
  • Paul Seevinck - Instructure - Canvas K-6: Engaging Elementary

  • Canvas is a One Stop Shop for

    • Newsletters
    • Permission slips
    • Parent sign ups - volunteers
    • Weekly Video Messages
    • Online Parent Teacher Conferences
    • Integrating external resources - Thinglink, Symbaloo, etc.
    • Share work and display class photos - Prezi
    • Differentiation and personalized learning

  • Track Student Progress

    • Monitor student performance based on learning goals

    • Guage student participation

    • Review student products and progress over time - eportfolios

    • Provide meaningful feedback

  • Build a 21st Century Learning Community

    • Teach digital citizenship early on
    • Model appropriate online interactions
    • Use discussions and chat to build community
    • Improve digital literacy
    • Gamification and badging
  • Students with a substitute

    • Inbox communication
    • Forced requirements in modules
  • Reading with parents

    • Once a week assignment
    • Virtual reading log - Cloud assignment - a template inside of Google

  • A virtual gallery

    • Showcase student work

    • Students provide feedback

      • Audio discussions

  • Media record and embed

    • Inbox

    • Announcements

    • Welcome Video - weekly or daily messages for kids who don't show up for school every day.

      • Button Making
    • Modules Content

      • Pages

      • Grades

      • Feedback

      • Assignments

      • Discussions

  • Scavenger Hunts & Fun Assignments

    • Library Scavenger Hunt - QR Code links to a question inside Canvas

    • Assignments with device apps

    • PicCollage
    • Toontastic - Take photos of places around the school
  • Announcements as a Class Blog
    • Announcements can be on any page now - view past announcements - like permission slips
    • IModule
    • Cool Tools
  • Guided Centers or Stations
    • Buttons on Home Page
      • Quizlet - matching
      • Smore - lead to a Virtual tour inside of Canvas
      • NearPod
      • Padlet
      • ThingThink
      • EdPuzzle
      • ScootPad
      • Redirect
    • If a Canvas feature is not working in Chrome then try another browser like Firefox, like changing the size of something you embedded.
    • If you can't find an iframe to embed, you might be able to find an iframe generator.
  • Home Page for Badges -
    Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.53.55 AM.png
    Go to Canvas Commons - Search "Engaging Elementary", Chose Kristie Johnson's class, import it into a sandbox or other class.
    • Canva - good way to make buttons for your pages.
  • Mindy Hintze - Director of Product Engagement for Canvas - Canvas Community - 210,000 users last week, it was a record about 22,000 active users every day
    • Mindy encourages us to join the K-12 group - Encourage our teachers to use the community as well. There are questions and suggestions about apps and instructional practices.
    • What did the zero say to the eight? Nice Belt. Mindy refused to tell her other joke!
  • Informal Reception at Instructure Building 3rd Floor - 3:30 & 4:00 Soft Start - News media is invited - Justin wants power users to speak. There will be a mingling and food. Thursday, Sept. 21. Go to the K12 Utah Canvas community to register. JOIN THE PARTY
  • Jody Sailor- Who can submit a trouble ticket? Faculty & staff can submit tickets.
  • Paul Seevinck -
    • Doc Viewer

    • Duplicate Pages and assignments -

  • Does not copy quizzes yet so use quiz banks.
  • Does not duplicate Google CLOUD Assignments.
    • You have to publish every piece has you copy it.
    • You have to duplicate from the modules tab you have to do it from the assignment or pages tab.
  • More Options button in settings - SHOW RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS ON COURSE HOME PAGE -
  • Assignments late and missing labels - Shows up for students in their grades and shows up for teachers in Speed Grader.
  • Quiz Log - This has to be turned on at your school. If they leave the quiz to view a different page or browser, you will know because the quiz log will tell you. It doesn't lock it down but you know they left the quiz page and for how long. Go to grades, go to quiz, go to speed grader, View Log, (must be turned on),
  • Paul Seevinck
    • Student Context Card - Send email - check for participation-
      • Go to People - send a quick message, look at analytics,
      • Color overlay of their courses on the Dashboard - Easy to change
    • Blueprint courses
  • Rick Gaisford - New people at State Board - Todd Call Implementation Specialist - DTLG Nathan Auck
  • Midas Education - Goal is to be fully live next Tuesday.
    • Challenges with data - easier to use -

  • Digital Teaching and Learning Summit - LEA's - There has to be a team there 9/28 & 9/29
  • Katie Challis - Tooele School District - 2 Ed Techs in Tooele -
  • UELMA- 2018 Conference - March 9, Friday - Utah Cultural Celebration Center - 1355 West 3100 South, West Valley Utah