March 22, 2013 - Provo


March 22, 2013

Host: Provo School District
Location: Grandview Technology Center
1591 North Jordan Ave.
(Located on Grandview Hill, where an elementary school used to be). Please park on the south side of the smaller building and enter the south doors of that same building.

8:30- 9:10 Breakfast, Snacks and Welcome - Chad Duncan, Provo School District's Technology Director

9:10-10:40 Dixon Middle School's iSchool Story -
Jarod Sites (principal), Karl Wells (assistant principal)
John Anderson (classroom teacher)
Cameron Blair, Brayden Wardrop and Lisa Thomas (iSchool)

Interesting Scholastic Article: 10 Lessons From the Best District in the Country

10:45-11:30 Digital Science Online Webinar - Stephanie Jerome, John and Josh Hummel

11:30-12:00 Updates

UCET - Mitchell Jorgensen
  • Socrative.comfor teachers
  • What were your thoughts on the changes this year: simpler breakfast, longer schedule, two keynotes
  • Consider ways to encourage participation for next year:
    • Student Showcases
    • 60 Min Sessions
    • 20 Min Over the Shoulder Sessions
    • 3 Hour workshops
    • Keynotes??
  • ISTE Scholarships
  • UCET Grants
  • What can UCET do for you?

UEN - Mitchell Jorgensen

USOE - Rick Gaisford
  • Legislative Update
    • CAT Funding (HB 2-passed): $6.6 million
    • SB 209 (failed): Grants for Personal Mobile Learning Devices, $3 million
    • SB 284 (passed): Educational Technology Amendments, $2.4 million in exec. appropriations (extension of SmartSchool Program)
    • SB 279 (failed): Interactive web-based software for elementary math, $5 million
    • SB 260 (passed): Reading Amendments (reading software), $4.6 million
    • HB 206 (failed): Internet Safety for Public Schools
    • UEN Capital Equipment: $800,000 one-time
    • UEN Elementary Connectivity Phase 2: $250,000 ongoing
  • New testing software contract - regional presentations will be held in March and April
  • CenturyLink Grant Programs - readers needed May 7th
  • Teachers and Technology Program, $50,000
  • Technology Summit 2013 - September - volunteer to be on the committee or present

UTIPS - Remind teachers to transfer tests to UTIPS Core before the end of June.

12:00 Lunch

1:00-1:30 Planning for Next Year's Meetings
Should we consider a theme for each session next year? Either a content focus or a tech approach ie: Math, Language Arts, or Mobile interactivity, Web Publishing?

We decided to review the SAMR Model over next year

  • Substitution
  • Augmentation
  • Modification
  • Redifining

2013-2014 Meeting Dates and Locations
Host District
SAMR Strand
October 4
November 8
December 6
January 10
February 7

1:30-2:00 Inservice Best Practices Discussion
  • Effective practices for integration of curriculum at multiple levels.
  • How does your district differentiate in technology training?
  • What expectations for attendance and follow-through does your district have?
  • What do you use as your foundation for developing your professional development plan? Professional teaching standards? Teacher survey, etc.? Top-down?

2:00-2:30 iPad Skill Stations

See you next year!