January 8, 2010
Host: UEN
U of U Campus
Milton Bennion Hall – MBH 202 (Map)(Map with construction detour)

  • Welcome
  • Interactive LANschool demonstration – Mitchell Jorgensen
    • Classroom management software for the computer lab
      • Can work in a lab that has both Macs and PCs
      • The LANSchool Teacher Console can tell you:
        • which machines have the software installed
        • the current application the computer is using
        • View All option shows exactly what is on the various computer screens
        • Teacher can take control of individual computers

  • New stuff in SIRS Knowledge Source (ProQuest) presentation – Jeff Cutler
    • Today's news now have video clips - along with the news stories
    • Top 10 RSS Feed ... leading issues explored in SIRS
    • Keywords were just searching the subject headings ... now it's expanded
    • Subject Index is now incorporated into the Advanced Search
    • Advanced Search also allows you to sort search results by Lexile ranges
    • Curriculum Pathfinders tie subjects to courses
    • Search clouds show most searched topics
    • Interactive web sites tied to subject
    • The number of Leading Issues has expanded to over 300 - organized by A-Z, Groups, Visual Browse and Print version
    • Each Leading Issue has a subpage with Topic Overview and Pro/Con and Essential Questions and interactive
    • Leading Issues Timelines (e.g. Global Financial Crisis) - at the bottom of timeline has a MLA citation
    • Translation capabilities into 11 different languages
    • Articles in Leading Issues and Timelines have "Read out loud" option... text to speech ... also audio MP3
    • Topic Overview page ... Terms to Know, Introduction, quotes and on the right Events, Key Figures...
    • Global Overview
    • Key Statistics
    • Research Guides (Word Docs that may have a debate outline or research outline or PowerPoint Templates)
    • iThinkTutor ... interactive research help
    • Note Organizer .. select a template (e.g. writing to inform) type outline and notes online .... templates are saved on the ProQuest server (Educators' Resources link will get you to the Note Organizer)
    • Tag list is now called My List

  • Use Technology to Teach: Tech Learning Centers - UEN Professional Development

  • Everyone broke into groups and went to the various learning centers to explore the tool and come up with Teaching / Training Ideas

Station and Room #
#1 Rm. 212
MP3 players and Free Audio Books
Visit the links for MP3 players and look at some of the features. Explore the MP3 Player available and try it out. Especially look at the Audio Books available through the Utah Public Library System: Netlibrary and Overdrive.
#2 Rm. 212
GPS Units
Visit the Geocaching.com website to learn a little about some of the ideas of what people do with GPS Units. Also, use the GPS unit and the location marked in it to find the GeoCache placed outside.
#3 Rm. 212
iPod Touch
Visit the Apple Store in iTunes and look at Applications. You can look at the free resources, and Educational Applications to get a feel for what you can do with the iPod touch.
Check out the apps on the iPod touch. Explore the iPod touch available and look at the apps.
#4 Rm. 212
Flip Video
Use the Flip Video to record a video. Plug it into the computer and transfer the video to the computer.
#5 Rm. 212
LiveScribe Pen
Visit the LiveScribe Website to see some details about the pen, test out the live version of it, or visit the NY Times, David Pogue review of the pen.
#6 Room 202

Use the scanner to scan the photo and the document. Save the photo as a .jpg and the document as a .pdf
#7 Room 202
Interactive Whiteboards: Smart
Visit the Word Family Sort page. Do the activity with your group. Use the pens to annotate a portion of the screen. Explore the other features such as recording, keyboard, and right clicking.
#8 Room 202
Ereaders: Amazon's Kindle
And Sony Reader
Review the information about the Kindle. Also visit the Kindle Books area of Amazon.com. To see the free books pick a genre of interest and sort the results by cost low to high. Please look for other devices that support the Kindle format. Please take a moment to compare the Kindle reader to the Sony Reader. (There's a PC World article on the Sony site that provides a great comparison) Barnes and Noble also has the Nook.
#9 Room 202
Document and Web Cameras
Use the Document Camera and the provided software to create a short video. Also explore the features such as annotating, zooming, and anything else you notice.
#10 Room 202
Interactive Whiteboards: Promethean
Open the promethean software and try out the flipchart software. Also, visit the site to see what resources are available for use with the Promethean brand Interactive White Boards.


  • The New eMedia - Katie Garrett and/or Adriane Andersen
    • The back-end to the eMedia system has been replaced with a new back-end. (old: Telescope new: Equella)
    • The goal was to have a smooth replacement of the existing service - keeping a similar user interface and the same videos assets
    • But there is some "newness" - new logos, new browsing strategies, some new content (15 NetSafe Utah videos for grades K-2, 153 Reading Rainbow - segmented) and integration with Blackboard system
    • Future Goals: Integration with PBS' Digital Learning Library and other digital repositories

  • Thinkfinity Highlight - ARTSEDGE - Rick Gaisford
    • Teach
      • Lessons
        • The Lesson Finder allows you to easily find lessons.
      • Standards
      • WebLinks
      • How-To's
    • Connect
      • Articles and Reports
      • Contacts
      • Advocacy Essentials
    • Explore
      • Look - Listen - Learn
      • Arts Days
      • Meet the Artist
      • Arts Quote

  • UCET Updates - Pam Turley
    • UCET Conference Feb. 26 & 27 at Murray High
    • Pre-register now for a $10.00 discount! Pre-registration price is only $45 ($20 for students) until February 5, 2010! After February 5, registration will be $55 ($30 for students). Registration price for those who want attend only the Saturday sessions is $35.00.

  • USOE Updates - Rick Gaisford
    • USOE is submitting the Race to the Top grant soon. If funded, each district will receive between 50,000 - 1.2 million
    • A group is meeting next week to read the Qwest grants
    • Rick was asking for 20 volunteers to read grant applications for the state of Idaho. (They will meet first on Feb. 16 and then again first part of March.)

  • UEN Updates - UEN Staff
    • Science of Cheese web site will be coming soon. A program called Cheese Slices will be broadcasted Mondays at 8:00 p.m. on UEN-TV.
    • Now the ArcView software will be available to Utah schools for free - in exchange for professional development around the state.
    • The Financial Literacy that UEN received is wrapping up. As part of the grant a Finance in the Classroom web site - http://financeintheclassroom.org>> was developed, professional development opportunities were offered and programs were broadcasted on UEN-TV.
    • UEN is part of a Climate change grant. Among other things, videos will be produced to help teach climate change and support the STEM topics. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
    • UEN Professional Development:
      • new course - Wimba Classroom (online)
      • new course on my.uen
      • Jared will be developing an online course around the Faculty Lounge archives