December 4, 2009
Host: Canyons School District
Location: Canyons Administration Building
9150 South 500 West
Sandy, UT

  • Welcome and Introductions: PJ Giles, Colleen Bliss 9:00-9:15

Google Search

The Tools:

  • Break 10:45-11:00

  • Social Media - Jethro Jones, PJ Giles 11:00-11:30

  • Lunch 12:00-1:00

  • Thinkfinity Highlight

  • UCET Update: Pam Turley

    • UCET 2010 Conference: A Clear Vision for Teaching and Learning in a Digital World
    • February 26-27, 2010 Murray High School
    • Call for Presenters: online registration due by December 15, 2009
    • Online Registration now open
    • Vendors still needed. Send vendor requests to ross.rogers@canyonsdistrict.org

  • UEN Update: UEN Group
    • December 1 - New Winter and Spring Professional Development schedule
    • The license for eMedia's current digital asset management (DMS) software expires at the end of the year so UEN has been busy setting up another DMS solution. The assets - videos, images, etc... - will be the same and you will still be able to preview and download.
    • The UEN programmers continue to resolve the unforeseen issues that arose after the Nov. 1 my.uen upgrade.
    • James Hodges, from UEN's Tech Services Support Center (TSSC) shared information about the IVC and ConferenceMe solutions. Please contact James if you have questions or need help setting things up. TSSC at 800-863-3496 James at TSSC at 801-883-4851.

  • USOE Update: Rick Gaisford
    • QWEST Grant due Dec. 18 - info on Rick's my.uen QWEST page
    • Project Tomorrow - SpeakUp survey - we need 1% of Utah students to complete the survey in order for Utah to get the data
    • Ed Tech Endorsement - more information
    • TEDx is a new program that enables local communities such as schools, businesses, libraries, neighborhoods or just groups of friends to organize, design and host their own independent, TED-like events. Rick was thinking it would be nice to have a Utah TED event.
    • GIS license with ESRI was renewed at no cost - if Utah can show that we provide 25K of professional development in kind.
    • UCET Conference posters are done and Rick brought a bunch to be distributed to the schools.