December 7, 2012
Location: Whitmore Library
2197 E. 7200 S. Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

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Meeting Name: December 7 2012 C-Forum
Conference Number(s): (571) 392-7604
Participant Code: 62107011

I. UEN Media Infrastructure Plan

Brief summary: UEN has created a plan to expand the use of eMedia to allow for teacher contribution/collaboration. The proposed UEN Media Infrastructure plan supports digital learning initiates like open educational resources and eTextbooks. This is a legislative funding request for FY2014. Learn more at UEN's Legislature web page.
Explainer Video:

II. eMedia Updates
Learn more about UIMC+ eMedia...

New Content:
  • Geography of Utah
  • Digital Science Online
  • Bill Nye - Coming SOON to UIMC+ eMedia

III. Web / Video Conferencing
UEN's contract with Wimba ends in August 2013.

A. K-12 Use Cases for synchronous tools
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Virtual meetings
  • Training (1:1) or small group
  • Virtual Parent Teacher conferences
  • Webinar - universally accessible to a large group and simple to use
  • Some people do not want headphones
  • Echo cancellation
  • Classroom connecting with a guest speakers from around the world
  • Interact and control who is talking (moderator needs to be able control conversation)
  • Screen sharing (for remote support)
  • Multiple video sources (like Google+ for education)
  • Be able to use any video source
B. What do you like about Wimba Classroom
  • Available to all Premium Educators
  • Integration with my.uen
  • Support materials that UEN created
  • Easy archiving feature (Mitchell would like it easy way to distribute the archives.)
C. Sifting Through the Solutions

IV. Updates