December 2, 2016 - Utah Education Network
Host: UEN
Organizer: Jared Fawson -
Location: Sorenson Arts & Education Complex - 1720 Campus Center Drive, Salt Lake City, UT
Room: SAEC 1151
Jared Fawson introduces the folks new to CForum -
  • Chris Haught - SEDC
  • Sarah Young - Digital Teaching & Learning USBE
  • Chris Larsen - Granite SD
  • Dax Higgins - North Sandpete County Instructional Technology Coach
Boot Camp - Let's take advantage of some of the free products out there.
  • Noodle Tools - Get started in research with lower grades and it takes them all the way up to HS. - Don't go to Noodle Tools .com! - Students can share with each other and with the teacher. The teacher can give feedback to the students throughout the whole process. All students in the state of Utah have a free account.
    • Teachers will need to spend some time instructing students how to figure out their sources to create citations.
  • Gale Reference Library - Shannon presents - Utah's OnlineScreen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.27.46 AM.pngLibrary - Type in your search term. If you pay attention to the bolded suggestions, you are likely to get more relevant results. Abraham Lincoln President rather than elementary school. Research can be sent directly to Noodle Tools.
  • Noodle Tools - Students - be aware, using Noodle Tools will save you a lot of work as well as the safety of using a vetted educational database.
    • Most of our Library Media Teachers are very familiar with Noodle Tools.
    • Have your teachers and students add their citations BEFORE THEY CREATE THE NOTECARD!
    • Teaches research but also teaches the concept of and ways to avoid plagiarizing!
      • Cathy Webb - (USBE Electronic High School) - this is a great tool for kids to see what plagarism actually is because of the copy and paste block on the notecard across from the In Your
        Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.28.05 AM.pngOwn Words block
      • Pam Turley - Even with younger kids start building capacity with research vocabulary. i.e. - Keyword, citation etc.
      • Help section is pretty nice. Located top right of screen under My Account.
    • You can color code your notecards by clicking on Tags.
    • You can drag your notecard right into the outline.
    • Collaborating - Teacher can go to Inbox and see what the students have done as far as outline, notecards, etc. Teachers can make comments right on a notecard. You can also let students be peer reviewers.
  • There is a UEN online class called How To Improve Student Research Skills.
  • Noodle Tools has their own YouTube Channel.
  • UEN will be producing a 30 second Introduction to Noodle Tools to peak interest.
    • TimFin School of Data Privacy & STEM - Finland
    • Indrajala - Kashmire, India - USBE Group - India's Premier Entrepreneurial Online School for Differentiated Learning - Principal - JK Rowling
    • George Carver Academy - Japan - Principal David Robinson - Traditional - Kelly D, Pam T, Leslie, Glo, Rachel T, Carol N
    • Susan B. Anthony Montessori School of South Africa - Nancy Lagenberg
    • Tico Applied Programs School - Costa Rica - Pura Vida Applied - Chris Larsen, Chris Haught, Jared C,
    • The Wager School of Performing and Visual Arts - Jared F.
    • The Bill Gates School of Athletic Achievement - Rob Bentley, Shannon, Jamie, et. al.
  • CForum's Charter School Google Slides creation -

Alan Griffin - Utah Open Education Resource Collective - Bring your own device
  • 1/18/17 - A cooperative project sponsored by the Utah Education Network and the Utah State Board of Education.
    • Goal - to locate OER materials to be vetted in the instructional materials review process. The resources will go through the RIMS review process.
    • #oermath1 - to sort resources use Twitter as a cataloging system or use an account such as @UtahOEResources instead of the hashtag. Flesh out the hashtags on 1/18
Sarah Young - Digital Teaching & Learning - Process for prequalifying went very well.
  • 71 grants have been approved - Every group, Districts and Charters, who applied have acquired their grant - although there is some additional provisional approval required- sustainablility, communication, & root cause analysis
Ricky Gaisford -
  • Century Link Teachers With Technology Grant - as of today, 12/2/16, only 3 grants have been turned in. Grant is open till January 12.
    • Tell teachers who apply that the readers want you to paint a picture of what you are going to be doing in their classroom.
    • They would like to get some volunteer readers for the grant. He will know more next month.
  • Speak-Up Project open until Jan. 13, 2017 - Districts, states and schools can get really good data back. Surveys for teachers, admin, teachers. Please share!
  • Google - Webinar series every other month -
  • Apple - Held a workshop - Anyone Can Learn to Code - at the Leonardo, Tuesday 29th
Cathy Webb - Electronic High School started in 1994 but this last Legislative Session did not provide funding so program is ending.
  • There is an OER resource - - Classes offered /beta
Max Gonzales & Jamie Gardner - Utah Futures - - 801.213.6989 - 801.389.2920
  • Resources for college and career planning - these apps help students consider the logistics of going to college - creating a budget for selected careers.
    • Reality Check for Budgeting - Salary Information Utah
    • American Graduate - Salary info for USA
      • Creates a graph
      • Max can send you the cards with the QR Code or Keychains. Email your request to -
Michael Hakkarinen

Justin Brooksby -
  • We can use any of the UEN classes for our teachers-
  • Let's see how many teachers we can get to graduate with an Ed. Tech. Endorsement

Jared Covil -

Justin Brooksby -
  • Google Street View App - you can add your own photos -
    • Justin has been taking photos of Lagoon, Discovery Park in Southern Utah, Paris, Idaho, etc.
    • Can purchase a 3D camera for $400.00
    • or do it from your own phone's camera - Camera icon bottom right, Choices
      • Link external 360 camera
      • Import 360 photos
      • Camera - Point at the dot and keep taking photos then stitch together - Select and upload and publish

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8:30 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Welcome & Introductions - Jared Fawson
9:15 NoodleTools Instruction - Jared Fawson
10:15 Group activity working on NoodleTools project using Utah's Online Library - All
11:15 Group activity presentation of findings - All
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Announcements (USBE, UEN, UCET, UELMA)
12:45 OER opportunities - Alan Griffin
1:00 Reality Check App - Max Gonzales & Jami Gardner
Using VR with
Google Street View - Jared Covili Covili/Justin Brooksby
2:30 End

Gloria Shirley

Carol Neff

Kelly Dumont, Rachel Thompson

Robert Gordon

Jared Covili, Sarah Young, Alan Griffin